Friday, January 9, 2009

Kim Long Orphanage Update

The orphanage at Kim Long will be celebrating their 120th Anniversary on Sunday January 18th. Many former orphans who resided at Kim Long will be returning for a reunion.

I had previously sent a picture of two orphans from my visit in 1970. I thought it to be a long shot, but I asked Christian, the secretary and webmaster for the website, to circulate the photo and see if anyone could identify the two children in the picture. I received a call this morning and was told, that the two children had been identified and some 40 years later, I will meet them again when I return to Kim Long on the 19th. They both have children of their own and reside not far from Hue.

It is stories such as these that warm the heart. A random picture taken at a random time in a part of the world that has memories for all who have been there. Some memories are good, some are not so good, but some never leave us and to be able to go back and reunite with this small memory of two children in a garden on a sunny Sunday afternoon shows that sometimes the stars do line up perfectly.

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